The KSCreativity4WB project tackles the challenge of low citizens’ engagement and lack of trust in public institutions. Contemporary cultural heritage will be used as an interface between the city and its citizens in order to increase civic participation and public well-being. A Citizen Experience and Well-being Institute (CXI) will be established to collect and display evidence-based data to decision-makers and the public. For this, the project will create a Mobile Urban Laboratory to visualize data through media art installations and to engage citizens in the definition of urban challenges. It will be combined with an Urban Innovation Sphere for start-ups, traditional industries and entrepreneurs providing physical spaces, platforms for networking and different grant schemes to support prototyping of solutions addressing the challenges defined by the CXI. Sustainability will be ensured by the development of education activities such as a study programme focusing on data collection, analysis and visualisation as well as training modules for different target groups related to the use of data in urban policies.

Partnership: City of Košice; 3 NGOs: Creative Industry Košice; Východné pobrežie; Košice IT Valley; 1 university: Technical University of Košice; 1 public service provider: K13 – Košice Cultural Centres; 2 SMEs: ANTIK Telecom; Civitta Slovakia; 1 private company: ASBIS SK.

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