Slovak Smart City Cluster organizes in cooperation with SME conferences, Bratislava and the main partner KOOR (member of SSCC) again as a professional guarantor of the program Smart City Summit 2021 with the subtitle Cities in a pandemic increased self-confidence.
June 1, 2021 from 10:30 a.m. online
Members of the SSCC Board of Directors Igor Wzoš and Milan Orlovský will discuss the following topics: „What lessons do successful regional leaders learn from the pandemic and what is their priority for the coming years?“ or „How should Slovak cities prepare for the humble reality?“, or other topics related to the issue of introducing smart practices and technologies into the life of Slovak cities. Together with them, guests of the online discussion will be Ivan Mikloš, former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of the Slovak Republic, mayors of Slovak cities M. Vallo, P. Fiabáne, M. Kollár, B. Tréger and other guests.

We invite you to watch the online conference to obtain quality professional information and opinions on this topic.

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